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Cambodian boy gets kidney & New Life


A four-year-old boy, weighing only 10 kg and suffering from chronic kidney disease since birth, has undergone kidney transplant. Chul Both, a Cambodian national, underwent the transplant recently at Fortis Vasant Kunj. The child is doing fine post-surgery, said the doctors.

According to Dr Sanjeev Gulati, additional director, nephrology at the hospital, Chul Both was severely malnourished due to poor kidney function. He had a shrivelled structure because of bone disorder.

When I first saw him he was very frail and weak. Although he was four years old, he looked like a two-year-old boy. Initial diagnosis confirmed that Chul Both had advance chronic kidney disease and there was no hope of reviving any of his kidneys. Conducting a transplant was also a daunting task due to his low-weight and tiny blood vessels. So we put him on dialysis for three months and in the meantime worked to improve his nutritional status," said Gulati.

The kidney transplant was conducted on April 1. The donor was Chul Both's maternal uncle. "The surgery was very challenging due to the small size of blood vessels. Also, the donor kidney was of an adult (12cm) which was double the size of the four-year-old's kidney," said Dr Ananth Kumar, a transplant surgeon.

The doctor said that post-transplant course was difficult in view of managing the fluids and electrolytes.

Eng Navy, Chul Both's father, said he had lost all hopes when he came to Delhi. "I had visited all health facilities in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and other neighbouring nations. But most doctors refused to conduct a transplant citing the small size and weight of the baby. Then, someone told me about India," he said.

Navy said Chul Both was very active since childhood and his growth was good till he was one year old but then he stopped growing and also complained about loss of appetite. "Many paediatricians prescribed vitamins and calcium thinking that it could be due to poor nutrition. Later, when the final diagnosis revealed kidney failure, they said nothing could be done and the child will have to be on dialysis for a long time," said the father, a businessman.

Navy said Chul Both is his eldest child; his younger brother is three years old. "Chul Both's mother is in Cambodia looking after the younger one. I have been living in New Delhi for three months now to seek treatment for my child. Now, we both plan to go home," he said.